Embroidery Job Works

Embroidery job works are typically carried out at our Mumbai factories where large-scale embroidery production takes place. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  1. Design Preparation: The embroidery job work process starts with the preparation of the design. The design is either created in-house or provided by the client.
  2. Digitizing the Design: The design is then digitized, which involves converting the design into a digital format that can be used by the embroidery machines.
  3. Selecting the Fabric: The fabric for the embroidery work is then selected based on the type of design and the desired final product.
  4. Hooping the Fabric: The fabric is hooped or stretched tightly onto the embroidery machine frame to ensure that the design is embroidered accurately.
  5. Setting Up the Machine: The embroidery machine is then set up with the appropriate thread colors, needle, and embroidery design to start the embroidery process.
  6. Embroidery Production: The embroidery machine then stitches the design onto the fabric, following the digital design file.
  7. Quality Control: Once the embroidery is complete, the final product is inspected and quality control checks are carried out to ensure that the embroidery is accurate and meets the required standards.
  8. Finishing: Finally, the embroidered product is finished by trimming off any loose threads and preparing it for packaging and delivery to the client.

Overall, the embroidery job work process requires skilled workers, sophisticated machinery, and careful quality control to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and meets the client’s requirements.

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