Occasions to wear a saree

Buy Sarees- Occasions to wear a saree

Reigning the Indian fashion industry , wearing sarees on your special days has been the integral part of Indian tradition. Every little girl always dreamt of wearing her mom’s most adorned priced possessions. The moment she gets a chance to wear it, she goes looking gorgeously wrapped in the 9 yards of pure glory, elegance and grace.

The versatility of a saree is so wide that one can drape and rock all the special occasions like an OG Diva!! In the last decade changing fashion trends have also evolved our effortless sarees. They are no more symbolic to weddings and our bahurani wearing it in her day to day chores.

A lot of us are usually in a tiff about choosing a right saree for different occasions. Sometimes we don’t even know if a saree can be worn on it on not?

Here are our top picks where you can flaunt your most lovely sarees at a blink of an eye.

Farewell Party

The very beginning of draping one starts from  milestone of your school life.

Everyone of you wants to look delightfully appealing and grab all the  eye balls. At this age , overdoing would kill. Our suggestions would be go for beautiful and rich  solids with a heavy designer blouse. Style it with heavy earrings.

HoC Tip:  Add some edgy accessories like a statement belt  and you are all set to rock and roll!


Amidst all festivities, all of us go an extra mile to dress up. Pooja days are an excellent time to bring out those traditional silk sarees, our woven wonders . Linen tissue sarees, Chanderi Silks, georgette banarasi are also topping our traditional Charts. All we can say is you can never go wrong by picking a royal and regal heirloom.

Hoc style tip-  For a goddess like look wear a beautiful red silk or banarasi georgette khaddi saree.

Engagement Party

Anushka Sharma elegantly flaunted a deliciously rich , wine hued velvet saree and all of us went head over heels. The jaw dropping royal and a luxurious velvet saree will make everyone go gala about your engagement look.

HoC Tip: Add a picture perfect red rose hairdo for that extra glam.

Cocktail Party Night

Weddings are here and buying a perfect party saree has become even more tough with galore of options. Flattering to all shapes and sizes, the saree has found a perfect sweet and sexy spot for the millennial cocktail look. Keeping up with the trends, the ruffle saree will be the best option for the OHH SO GLAM LOOK!  For  THE BOLD TYPE look glittering sequin saree also works like magic for head-turners at a cocktail party.

HoC Tip:  Wear a solid saree with a heavy embroidered blouse and keep it subtle with a no makeup look.

Date Night

The sensual appeal of a saree makes it a permanent hit for a perfect dinner date. The aesthetic of a saree is meant to enhance every inch of womanhood. Take our word, your beau would not take his eyes off you after this surprising look.

Here are our top picks for sarees that will make your night the most memorable one.









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